CBM Appeal on BBC Radio 4

Gyles Brandreth presents our appeal to give children sight

CBM Appeal
on BBC Radio 4

Gyles Brandreth presents our appeal to end avoidable blindness

A BBC Radio 4 Appeal


Gyles Brandreth holding a CBM leaflet and a CBM bandge. Gyles is smiling.

"Hello, I’m Gyles Brandreth, I’m a supporter of the charity CBM, Christian Blind Mission – it’s a cause I’ve been proud to support, with my wife, for more than 20 years.

"We support CBM because we think it’s shocking that people still become blind because of conditions that could be easily treated, or struggle to see because they can’t get a pair of glasses.

"If you're new to CBM, please do consider joining me and doing what you can to support this worthy cause."

It’s easy to make a noise, it’s more challenging to make a difference, but by supporting CBM you can make a real difference in a sometimes dark world. Many thanks.Gyles Brandreth

Memory's Story

Memory is a little girl from rural central Malawi who had cataracts.

When she was younger, her mum Ellena noticed she struggled to explore her surroundings. She’d hold objects close to her face to see them and often bumped into things.

Cataracts cause the most blindness worldwide. By the age of just seven, she was almost completely blind.

Memory started school, but walking home, she’d get left behind by the other children and lose her way. Memory told us: "I want to go to school. I want to learn.”

She still loved singing and playing - but when friends ran around or played ball, she sat alone.

Ellena hoped her daughter would have a good life, and she worried this would not be possible if Memory could not see again.

“I just want her to be safe and independent.”

Memory stands in the doorway of her home, looking down.

Our impact last year


people treated for
blinding diseases


people given sight-restoring cataract surgery


glasses and low vision
devices distributed

It is estimated that 75% of all blindness is avoidable. That means 3/4 of people who are blind don’t need to be.

Put simply, millions of people around the world are needlessly blind because they can’t get simple surgery or treatment that could save their sight. And too often, if you live in a poor community, going blind means losing your chance to go to school, earn a living or live independently.

CBM works across the world’s poorest countries to prevent avoidable blindness and restore sight. 82p of every £1 goes towards our vital work

Your donation can help provide sight-saving treatment for a child like Memory.

Will you join us today?

Thank you.

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