Rubble after the earthquake in Nepal. Bricks and doors can be seen in the rubble. In the background are some buildings which are still standing.

Nepal Earthquake

Your urgent support is needed now

Nepal Earthquake

Your urgent support is needed now


At 11.47pm on Friday 3rd November 2023, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit the Jajarkot district in northwestern Nepal, the largest earthquake to hit Nepal since 2015.

Over 150 people are known to have died with some 500 more people injured and thousands more losing their homes.

CBM is responding with our partners to ensure the most vulnerable are included in recovery efforts. Needs include food, drinking water, access to water and sanitation services.

Today, we urgently need your help. Please will you give an urgent gift to help those most affected?

Why are people with disabilities at risk?

When disaster strikes, people with disabilities are among the most vulnerable.

CBM’s team in Nepal is working with our local partners in the area to reach out to people with disabilities and others who are particularly vulnerable. No one should be left behind.

We know that people with disabilities are often the worst affected when a disaster strikes. They are:

  • at higher risk of being injured
  • at higher risk of losing their lives
  • also at risk of facing additional barriers that can make it harder to rebuild their homes and livelihoods.
A house affected by the earthquake in Nepal. The wall has collapsed in the earthquake, revealing the inside of the house and a chair and a table.

How can my gift help?

Your gift today will provide urgent support such as:

  • Tents and blankets - cold night-time temperatures and rain mean that shelter is a vital priority.
  • Hygiene kits to protect families from disease.
  • Medical supplies and assistive devices for people with disabilities.

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