Kiki, 9 years old, sits in a medical waiting room.

Children like Kiki are blind.

But they don't have to be.

Children like Kiki are blind.

But they don't have to be.

A straightforward surgery could remove Kiki’s cataracts and change her life.

Kiki is nine years old and lives in a small village in Cameroon, Central Africa. When she was little, her parents noticed that she had vision problems. They hoped and prayed Kiki’s condition would improve, but it steadily got worse.

Cataracts are simple and inexpensive to treat. But for children living in poverty, help is out of reach. Their parents simply cannot afford the sight-saving surgery they desperately need.

Nobody should be blind simply because they are poor. Kiki’s future could be changed with a 45-minute cataract surgery.

Kiki has big dreams – she want to be a head teacher when she grows up. Despite not being able to read or write, she still goes to school hopefully every day.

There are many children like Kiki, living in poverty. With a kind gift to CBM today, you could transform their entire lives.

Will you help save the sight of a child like Kiki?


Diane Louise Jordan
TV presenter and Friend of CBM

“Christian Blind Mission is a huge inspiration to me."

"It works in 29 countries, including some of the world’s poorest communities, to restore sight, mobility and independence to people living with disability.

It’s putting Christ’s love into action for the most marginalised people.

Will you join Christian Blind Mission by supporting this amazing work?”

Our impact last year


people treated for
blinding diseases


people given sight-restoring cataract surgery


glasses and low vision
devices distributed

It is estimated that 75% of all blindness is avoidable. That means 3/4 people who are blind don’t need to be.

Put simply, millions of people around the world are needlessly blind because they can’t get simple surgery or treatment that could save their sight. And too often, if you live in a poor community, going blind means losing your chance to go to school, earn a living or live independently.

CBM works across the world’s poorest countries to prevent avoidable blindness and restore sight. 82p of every £1 goes towards our vital work.

None of this would be possible without your support.

Will you make a gift today?

Thank you.

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