Mama Muni sits holding her walking stick.

Your generosity multiplied

Help free SEVEN times as many people from river blindness

Your generosity multiplied

Help free SEVEN times as many people from river blindness

Your generosity multiplied

Help free SEVEN times as many people from river blindness

You can transform lives by helping to eradicate river blindness for good.

Sight loss caused by river blindness is irreversible and painful. But it is completely avoidable: a medicine called Mectizan halts the infection.

But for people like Mama Muni, pictured above, help has come too late. Mama Muni caught river blindness thirty years ago, just because there was no logistical support to reach her and distribute medicine. She then had to experience the same illness rob her children of their sight. The world's forgotten people in the poorest of places are still going blind today, completely needlessly.

But with your support today, you can help complete the chain that gets medicine to the families who need it.

There's still time to stop Mama Muni's grandchildren and many others from going blind. Will you give a gift today, achieving SEVEN times as much when linked to the medicine and volunteer network ready to transform lives?

Mama Muni stands with her two children beside her with walking sticks.

"I thank God for the chance to be part of His work."

Mama Muni, her daughter Rakiya, and her son Akawu, all went blind through river blindness.

In her own words, this is her message to you.

"I thank God for the chance to be part of His work, to help those who are suffering, and to stop this evil disease from ruining more lives.

As a young woman, I was known in the village for being hardworking and fun. I had lots of friends and loved to chat.

I worked hard with my husband on our farmland. After a day’s farming, I would go to the river to fish. With the money from the fish I cooked and sold, we managed to survive.

Back then, I was okay; I worked hard and looked after us. The blackflies were always there though, down at the river. We were both bitten many times, without realising the danger.

Then the itching started. Over time, it turned into pain. My head… my chest… my back… my legs… It was unbearable. Many people here have the scars; we call them ‘Leopard Skin’.

My eyes began watering. Everything became blurred; I could see less and less. One day everything went black. I have been blind now for thirty years. I had lots of friends; now I isolate myself.

I wished for my children to have a better life. My daughter, Rakiya, was married but she went blind like I did, and her husband told her to leave. She came back with her three children, to find that I and her brother were both blind as well.

Rakiya and my son grow vegetables but have to beg sometimes. We often don’t eat. In truth, I am waiting to die, because I can’t do anything on my own. Only taking part in this effort makes me glad to still be here.

I didn’t know there was a medicine that could have saved us, but it is not too late for others. My prayer now is for my grandchildren to be saved from this disease."

Many of Mama Muni’s friends and family are now blind from river blindness.

Your kindness today can help save the sight of future generations.

Whatever you can give today will have SEVEN times the impact, driven by love and generosity to help many people get life-transforming medicine.

Thank you.

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