Will Salomé See the Way to a brighter future?

Salome sitting outside her home.

On 29 April, Salomé will travel to CBM’s partner hospital to have sight-restoring surgery. Follow this grandmother on a life-changing journey, live from Rwanda in East Africa, and join us in prayer, for successful surgery and a brighter future for Salomé and her family.

CBM’s Rosi Jack, will be travelling to Rwanda to report from CBM’s partner hospital on her story and share in the incredible moment where, thanks to supporters like you, she will have her sight-saving cataract operation.

For 2 years, Salomé has been blind due to cataracts, which have robbed her of vision, leaving her isolated, struggling to care for her grandchildren and unable to read her precious bible.

Cataracts can be removed with straightforward surgery, but for people like Salomé, living in poverty, treatment which costs £24 is out of reach. But during the week of 29th April, this grandmother’s life could change forever, after cataract surgery at CBM’s partner hospital in Rwanda.

Salomé’s Story

Salomé lives in Southern Rwanda with her daughter Eudosie and three young grandchildren. While Eudosie goes out to work, Salomé looks after the two youngest children Cecile, 4, and Jean Baptiste, 1.. But she struggles to care for them properly as she can’t see.

Salomé still has a ready smile but being unable to see has left her feeling isolated. Her one consolation is the radio – particularly the songs and prayers on her favourite Christian station called Radio Maria.

Time and again Salomé has tried to get treatment, but has been unable to make the long journey to the nearest hospital. It is too far and difficult to walk and the cost of a bus fare is more than she and her daughter could afford.

But next week, thanks to your support, this grandmother’s life – and the lives of her daughter and grandchildren - could change forever.

Rwanda (2019) - RTS- Salomé

Be a part of an eye opening transformation

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