Sesan's Story

Witness the heart-warming moment when Sesan sees for the first time

Sesan was just five years old when he went needlessly blind.

Cataracts left Sesan blind, struggling to play, learn or explore the world. Removing cataracts from a child’s eye is a relatively simple procedure and takes less than an hour. But, for Sesan’s parents, the cost of an operation was far beyond their means.

No child should go blind, just because they are poor.


Sesan’s mother Olanike has a strong faith, and in the darkest of times, that faith has been her only encouragement:

“I have been praying and I believe God will intervene in his life. I believe that God will send us a helper who will help with his eye problem”.


Thanks to the incredible supporters of CBM, Sesan will be able to experience the miraculous colours of the world for the rest of his life.


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