Valerie stands holding her guiding stick wrapped in bright clothes against a green mountain background.

Help make sure nobody is left behind


Help make sure nobody is left behind


“I can’t farm, can’t do anything. I am unable to see and everything is blurry.” Grandmother, Valerie from Northern Rwanda, East Africa, who was living with cataracts.

In many parts of the world, including the UK, cataract surgery to restore sight is available and straightforward.

But for Valerie (pictured above) and thousands of other people who live in poverty in remote regions, treatment and transport are out of reach. As a result, Valerie could not earn money to support herself and lost her independence.

Your monthly gift can help make sure sight-saving work leaves nobody behind.

No one should be blind just because they live in poverty. Your monthly gift can help our dedicated partners plan remote outreach camps - like the one that found Valerie - and help them regain their sight.

Join us today with a regular gift and start transforming lives.

Valerie wears a blue hospital gown with an eye patch on her left side. A nurse in scrubs wraps her arm around her to guide her.

Support our sight-saving work

Thanks to the support and dedication of people like you, Valerie was able to have surgery and her sight was restored.

Together with our locally based partners we have set up outreach clinics in poor and remote regions. Most surgeries are simple and can be done over a single weekend. And they are life changing.

These outreach services have been able to reach and give sight to thousands of people like Valerie. Without the clinics, they would not be able to get the treatment they need.

Following her surgery, Valerie expressed her gratitude saying, “I would like to thank everyone. You have done a great thing. May God bless upon your life!”

A regular gift helps to plan our outreach clinics that help hundreds of people at a time.

Will you help reach more people like Valerie and leave nobody behind?

You can help us reach more people like Valerie living with avoidable blindness.

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