Help a child walk free from pain

Your gift can help a child like Ramsaran

Help a child walk free from pain

Your gift can help a child like Ramsaran

No child should live in pain, just because their family is poor

Five-year-old Ramsaran barely leaves the family hut due to his severe clubfoot. His feet are bent inwards, and every step is agony for this young boy in Nepal, South Asia. He can't make the hour-long journey by foot to school so he also misses out on his education.

In Nepal, half the population lives below the poverty line. His family can barely afford a bus ticket to the hospital, let alone the surgery and weeks of treatment needed for clubfoot.

But with your gift, children like Ramsaran can access the surgery they so desperately need. They can walk to school and have the opportunity to build a better life.

Will you help? Please donate today so that children like Ramsaran can walk free from pain.

Ramsaran sits on his father's lap next to his mother. His legs are stretched out in front of him, showing his clubfoot.

"I want to run and play. I want to go to school.”

Ramsaran, aged five

"The stones hurt his knees and hands. His siblings are his only friends. The other children from the village don’t like to play with him.”

Bishnu, Ramsaran's mum

Without help from CBM friends like you, families like Ramsaran’s have no real hope of help for their children with disabilities. For a family living hand to mouth, there is no access to medical treatment for their son.

That’s why your support today is so vital.

Ramsaran's dad Krishna told us he is desperate to see his son independent and able to go to school - because he knows an education is one of the only routes out of poverty.

Your donation can help restore parents’ hopes of an independent and pain-free future for their children.

Please give whatever you can so children like Ramsaran receive the restorative, life-changing surgery they deserve.

Thank you.

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