People in southern Madagascar, standing on a sandy road with plastic water containers on the ground in front of them

Madagascar is an island country in the Indian Ocean, approximately 250 miles off the coast of East Africa, with a population of over 28 million people. Extremely vulnerable to climate change, southern Madagascar has faced back-to-back droughts throughout 2021, leaving people facing acute hunger and malnutrition.

CBM has been working in Madagascar for 40 years, alongside local partners and Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs), including leading programmes on inclusive education and eye health and promoting inclusion and rights of people with disabilities.

Since June 2021, CBM has also been providing emergency relief to vulnerable families, especially those with disabilities, affected by the food crisis. As well as providing direct support to these families, such as food, livestock and money for household needs, we’re working with local disability organisations in the region to ensure that other agencies responding to the crisis are making the emergency relief they offer accessible to people with disabilities. 

In action

Two young boys standing on sand in Southern Madagascar

Madagascar Food Crisis

Back-to-back droughts caused by climate change in southern Madagascar have left thousands of people facing hunger…

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Transforming lives

Haova sat inside her home, smiling.


Thanks to CBM supporters, Haova can now feed her children – and also earn a living to support them into the future.

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Mosa sat at a table, smiling, with his walking stick next to him.


“We had a nice house in the past but we had to sell it to buy food.”

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Christophine, from Madagascar, is in her small hut with a hole in the roof.
11th Nov 2022

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Mosa and his mother are standing in front of their hut.
6th Feb 2023

Will the UK Government lead again on the extreme poverty agenda?

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