Benita smiling after surgery for cataracts.

Stories of our work

At the centre of what we do are the people who benefit from our programmes - men, women, boys and girls living with disabilities in the poorest places of the world. On these pages, you can meet some of the people we've helped, read about the challenges they have faced and discover how their lives have changed thanks to CBM supporters.

  • Vaileth & Susana both have cataracts and were treated by CBM's partner in Tanzania

    Vaileth and Susana

    “Now they can see better, I hope the girls can go to school to get an education so they can live a better life. Thank you so much.”

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  • Joyce having her eyes checked after her Trachoma operation in Uganda.


    “I expect good things in the future; I hope to be able to do a bit more work at home and move around more easily…”

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  • Rajesh was paralyzed from birth and is now is an organic farmer.


    “I have always tried to help with the farming, but my abilities were not recognised in the family, or in the wider community… Now I have respect from them. They see me as a person, a successful person.”

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  • Dorotea from Tanzania sits on a bed after surgery for Fistula. CCBRT.


    “I felt [urine] run down my leg. It happened all the time and I couldn’t stop it. I would sit and not move around… I would like to say thanks a lot to the doctors and the nurses…

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  • Eje sits at a computer that is in the shop that he owns thanks to ELIM in Nigeria.


    “I never mind what people say about me anymore provided I get to where I want, because of the encouragement I received from Elim staff, who always go beyond people’s expectations.”

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  • Omari and his father, Amiri can't stop smiling as a doctor comes and removes the bandages after cataract surgery.


    “I can see much better Daddy, the clouds are gone. I look forward to going back to school”.

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  • Sits at the BPA rehabilitation centre where she receives treatment for visual impairment and fits caused by a severe contusion that she was born with.


    “She smiled and clapped when she got the questions right and it was a great breakthrough. Now she is learning how to make juice and soon she will learn more difficult things.”

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  • Bernardino and Leonadra at Ferdan in Peru waiting for cataract treatment.

    Bernadino and Leonarda

    Leonarda cooks and cleans again and doesn’t need help eating. Bernadino loves reading. Now his eyesight is improved he reads and looks after the livestock once again.

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  • Denis is carrying water from the water-hole back home  – together with his nieces Rita and Linda. Walking with bowed legs is burdensome – and causes Denis a lot of pain. .Please refer to related field reports for more information
Denis (8 years old, born in June 2006) is a client of CoRSU Hospital in Uganda (P2429). During early childhood he developed severe bowlegs due to Blount´s desease. In CoRSU he will receive corrective surgery among other medical care and rehabilitation.


    “The way to school was so long and hard for him, and he would come back home in pain. So I thought maybe it’s best to stop school…

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  • Edward wearing an eye bandage after his cataract surgery at CBM partner in Tanzania.


    “I wish very much to be able to see again. Then I can go back to school – and the teacher will not tell me off anymore…”

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