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Who we are

For over 115 years, CBM has been transforming lives around the world. We work with local partners, making sure people with disabilities in some of the world’s poorest communities have access to healthcare, education and a future when they can thrive.

A lady from Figi using crutches

What We Do

Our vision is an inclusive world in which all people with disabilities enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential.

We improve access to essential services, including education, healthcare and opportunities to earn a living. And when a disaster strikes, we’re there providing emergency relief and supporting people with disabilities and communities to recover and rebuild.

We are fighting to end the cycle of poverty and disability.


Panchama, holds her hand up to her chin. A patch covers her left eye following cataract surgery. In the background are other people who also have patches over their eyes.

Our History

CBM was founded in 1908 by German pastor, Ernst Christoffel. When Ernst travelled through Turkey, one particular group of people grabbed his heart: children who couldn’t see, who couldn’t walk, who couldn’t hear.

With the support of friends, Pastor Christoffel set up a home in Malatia, Turkey, providing care and education for people who are blind and children with disabilities.

Over the following century, our work has expanded to Africa and Asia where we’re striving for justice for all people with disabilities.

Today, rooted in Christian values, we believe every person with disability – no matter where they live in the world – should have access to healthcare, education and the opportunity to earn a living.

Ernst Christoffel holding a child.

Where we work

CBM works alongside people with disabilities in some of the world’s poorest places, bringing change where it is needed most. Together with fantastic local partners, and as part of a global federation, we are working in 25 countries to break the cycle of poverty and disability.

How we work

CBM combines impactful programmes with tailored advisory work and bold advocacy, working with the Disability Movement and key allies to drive local and national change.

Our programmes make a life-changing difference, empowering individuals and strengthening communities. Insights from our work guide our advocacy efforts, addressing systemic discrimination and supporting the voice of people with disabilities to drive change.

A CBM field worker standing with a child who is wearing glasses.