Benita smiling after surgery for cataracts.

CBM in action

Introducing some examples of CBM's work around the world. 


  • Community fistula champions standing together.

    Preventing fistula and improving maternal health in Nigeria

    CBM is working with Survive Fistula Healthcare Foundation and ECWA Vesico Vaginal Fistula Centre to improve access to…

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  • Women participate in Break the Cycle Village Saving and Loans Associations training.

    Break the Cycle: reducing violence against women and girls with disabilities in Nigeria

    Our 3-year Break the Cycle project aims to reduce violence against women and girls with disabilities in Nigeria…

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  • Group of people holding posters campaigning for the rights of people with mental health in Nigeria.

    Bridging the Gaps: Strengthening mental health support for young people in Nigeria

    Together with our partner Mentally Aware Nigeria (MANI), we’re working to strengthen mental health support available…

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  • Group of people sit together on the floor. One man is living with Lymphatic filariasis.

    Improving mental health support for people with Neglected Tropical Diseases

    Our research project, in partnership with The Leprosy Mission Nigeria and University of Jos, will improve support for…

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  • Salome from Rwanda is smiling as she has her eye bandages removed after cataract surgery.

    See the Way: Improving access to quality, inclusive eye health in rural Rwanda

    Our 3-year project in Rwanda is working to improve access to eye health services in four districts, so that people…

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  • Members of the Nepal Disabled Association in Kathmandu, Nepal, receiving hygiene items (such as bandages, diapers and antiseptics) and medical supplies (such as catheters) from CBM’s partner Nepal Disabled Women Association (NDWA), during COVID-19.

    Delivering support with Disabled People’s Organisations in Nepal during COVID-19

    Many people with disabilities in Nepal have been facing huge challenges as a result of Coronavirus…

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  • Community health workers attending mental health training in Bungoma County, Kenya. ©BasicNeedsBasicRightsKenya

    Providing mental health support in Kenya during COVID-19

    COVID-19 restrictions have had a devastating effect on many people’s mental well-being in Kenya…

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  • CBM’s partner in Indonesia distributing basic goods and hygiene kits, in collaboration with community representatives and leaders in Siraman Village, Gunungkidul, Indonesia.

    Reaching the most vulnerable people in Indonesia during COVID-19

    The first case of Coronavirus in Indonesia was identified in March…

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  • Supporting people with disabilities in Bangladesh during COVID-19

    Supporting people with disabilities in Bangladesh during COVID-19

    COVID-19 – and the restrictions to prevent its spread – led to an alarming rise in the number of people facing…

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  • Helping girls with disabilities into education in Zimbabwe

    An estimated 1 in 5 secondary school-age girls in Zimbabwe are not at school – and girls with disabilities are among…

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  • A lady in a wheelchair teaching a young girl IT skills.

    i2i: Helping people with disabilities into employment

    People with disabilities in developing countries often find it difficult to earn a living because they can’t access…

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  • 6-year-old Gokul from India having an eye examination after successful cataract surgery

    Improving access to quality eye health services in India

    An estimated 11 million Indians are blind. In the majority of cases, blindness could be avoided if eye health…

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  • Group of people talking. Back of Tshirt reads Mental Illness, Everyone's Business, Stop the Stigma.

    Improving support for people with mental health problems and their families in Malawi

    People with mental health conditions in Malawi often face stigma, prejudice and abuse. They struggle to access…

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  • Outdoor safe space at CBM's partner Kenyatta University in Kenya

    Mental health support for students in Kenya

    Research in Kenyan government universities has identified high levels of depression and anxiety among students…

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  • 3 people walking to relief camp following Nepal earthquake.

    Helping humanitarian organisations include older and disabled people (Age and Disability Capacity Programme)

    CBM was one of seven agencies involved in the Age and Disability Capacity Programme (ADCAP), which aimed to ensure…

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