Members of the Nepal Disabled Association in Kathmandu, Nepal, receiving hygiene items (such as bandages, diapers and antiseptics) and medical supplies (such as catheters) from CBM’s partner Nepal Disabled Women Association (NDWA), during COVID-19.

Delivering support with Disabled People’s Organisations in Nepal during COVID-19

Many people with disabilities in Nepal have been facing huge challenges as a result of Coronavirus and the lockdown to curb its spread. With most people with disabilities working in the informal sector, many have struggled to support themselves and their families during lockdown periods. COVID-19 restrictions has also made it extremely difficult for people to access the medical care and equipment they need.

We’re working with our partner the Nepal Disabled Women Association (NDWA) to ensure that the most at-risk households get the support they need, including:

  • Providing basic needs assistance, including food, soap and other hygiene items
  • Proving vital medical supplies to people with physical disabilities, such as new catheters to avoid serious infection
  • Supporting Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs), such as Nepal Disabled Association, in particular providing aid to wheelchair users and people with spinal injury
  • Equipping hospitals to help treat people with COVID-19, including medical supplies and assistive devices.

Nila, Project Coordinator NDWA, says:

A women, Nila Project Coordinator for CBM supported programme in Nepal, looking at the camera wearing a face mask to protect against Covid-19.“People with disabilities are highly affected by this situation. Many people with disabilities used to work on a daily wage basis to support their families. They have been hit hard by this situation as they have lost their employment opportunities. Likewise, many persons with disabilities need to take a daily dose of medicines. Many of them are now in the stage where they cannot afford to take medicine.

We are now busy with relief distribution efforts with the support of CBM… We have formed self-help groups comprising local women with disabilities and are now conducting our activities through those self-help groups… It would not have been possible to reach out to the communities without generous support from CBM.”


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