Man smiling, with his wife holding their baby, sat in a makeshift shelter after an earthquake in Nepal

Disability inclusive disaster risk reduction in Nepal

Nepal’s fragile Himalayan terrain gives it one of the highest fatality rates in the world from landslides, earthquakes and flash floods, and the climate crisis brings the threat of yet more extreme weather. 2020 was particularly destructive, with three times more casualties compared to previous years. Nepal has already experienced changes in temperature and precipitation at a faster rate than the global average.

When disasters strike, people with disabilities are always among those most affected and the last to receive help. It is vital that communities in areas prone to flooding or other natural disasters can adapt and prepare for these, putting measures in place to protect lives and livelihoods – and that people with disabilities are included in this process.

We are working with partners in 3 districts of Nepal to support disability inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction, helping communities to protect themselves from disaster and ensuring that people with disabilities are involved at all stages of this process.

Activities will include supporting communities to:

  • Prepare early warning systems that are accessible to people with disabilities, so they can react quickly when disasters strike;
  • Ensure shelters are accessible to everyone;
  • Develop disability-inclusive evacuation plans for schools;
  • Carry out inclusive crisis simulation exercises;
  • Make Local Level Disaster Preparedness and Response Plans inclusive and ensure that disabled people’s organisations are engaged in their development.

Involving people with disabilities and their representative organisations will be central to the project, to help ensure that their needs are recognised, their voices heard and their expertise valued at community, District and national level.

The project is delivered with Nepali partners Support Activities for Poor Producers of Nepal, Disasters Emergency Committee Nepal and Resource Management and Rural Empowerment Centre, in coordination with the Nepal Government and Disabled People’s Organisations.

The project is working in Helambu and Indrawati Municipality in SIndhupalchok District, Kohalpur Municipality and Baijanath Rural Municipility in Banke District and Mandandeupur Municipality in Kaverpalanchok District.


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