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Helping humanitarian organisations include older and disabled people (Age and Disability Capacity Programme)

CBM was one of seven agencies involved in the Age and Disability Capacity Programme (ADCAP), which aimed to ensure older people and people with disabilities are included during emergency responses.

As part of the ADCAP consortium, we worked to support and equip organisations that provide emergency aid to include older people and people with disabilities. A range of ground-breaking resources – including the Humanitarian Inclusion Standards (HIS) for older people and people with disabilities and online training courses for humanitarian staff – were produced and can be found below. In addition, CBM’s mobile app, the Humanitarian Hands-on Tool (open in new tab), helps humanitarian workers to put the standards into practice.

Why is ADCAP needed?
Globally, 15% of people live with some kind of disability and one in eight are over the age of 60. In conflicts and natural disasters, the risk of becoming disabled increases, for example due to injuries and poor health care. So older people and people with disabilities make up a significant and growing proportion of disaster-affected populations – and yet they often find it difficult to access help at times of emergency.

ADCAP resources
CBM has helped to develop the following resources to help humanitarian to include older people and people with disabilities in their work.

1. Humanitarian inclusion standards for older people and people with disabilities (HIS) (open in new tab)

The HIS are designed to help address the gap in understanding the needs, capacities and rights of older people and people with disabilities, and promote their inclusion in humanitarian action. They will help organisations successfully identify and reach those most at risk during a humanitarian crisis.

This document outlines nine key inclusion standards and seven sector-specific standards. Each standard comes with key actions, guidance, tools and resources, and case studies illustrating how older people and people with disabilities have been included in humanitarian responses.

2. Humanitarian Inclusion Standards Flyer (open in new tab)

A brief overview of the Humanitarian HIS.

3. Good practice guide: embedding inclusion of older people and people with disabilities in humanitarian policy and practice (open in new tab)

The Good Practice Guide outlines the lessons learnt from the ADCAP programme, detailing nine change themes that can help organisations to embed age and disability inclusion.

4. A series of interactive online courses for humanitarians to be more inclusive, available on DisasterReady.org (open in new tab) in both English and Arabic.

Resources include:
Trainer handbook (open in new tab)
Workbook for trainees (open in new tab)
PowerPoint presentation (open in new tab)

The ADCAP programme, led by HelpAge International, is an initiative of the Age and Disability Consortium (CBM, DisasterReady.org, Handicap International, HelpAge International, IFRC, Oxford Brookes University and RedR UK). It is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It started in September 2014 and completed in March 2018.


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