Helping people with disabilities in Rwanda to be financially independent

A group of men and women holding up their Village Savings and Loan Association membership books

In Rwanda, people with disabilities make up 5% of the population and are amongst the poorest, often finding it difficult to access employment or banking services.

Working in partnership with NUDOR in Rwanda, our project is helping people with disabilities to earn a living and be financially independent by:

  • Enabling them to access small loans and support through village savings schemes.
  • Setting up and supporting Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) – a proven approach that supports small groups of people to save together and take small loans from those savings, which can be used to set up small businesses or invest in income generating activities.
  • Training group members in financial management, entrepreneurship, improved farming methodologies, climate resilience, rain water harvesting and solar energy.

The project aims to support 14,000 people with disabilities across four districts in Rwanda (Nyanza, Ruhango, Rutsiro and Rusizi), helping them to work sustainably and making a lasting impact on lives.

This programme is supported by the Scottish Government’s International Development Fund. 

Transforming lives

Jeanne has turned her life around with help from a CBM programme in Rwanda.


“Now, people call me a person with a disability, not someone who is nothing. Now, the future is better.”

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