6-year-old Gokul from India having an eye examination after successful cataract surgery

Improving access to quality eye health services in India

An estimated 11 million Indians are blind. In the majority of cases, blindness could be avoided if eye health conditions were identified and treated in time. But for many people in India, particularly those living in poorer rural areas, sight-saving health services are out of reach.

With our local partner Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital we opened four new Vision Centres to provide sight-saving services to people in one of the poorest parts of India. The Vision Centres aimed to provide basic eye health services such as glasses, while also identifying potentially blinding conditions like cataracts and glaucoma so they could be treated before it’s too late. The aim was to provide eye health services to over 65,000 people over five years (2017-2021).

This programme was supported by L’Occitane Foundation (open in new tab).


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