Outdoor safe space at CBM's partner Kenyatta University in Kenya

Mental health support for students in Kenya

Research in Kenyan government universities has identified high levels of depression and anxiety among students, especially the many students from poor backgrounds. Mental health conditions can and do cause students to leave higher education, meaning that they aren’t able to reach their potential.

From 2019-2021, we partnered with Kenyatta and Chuka universities and student groups to improve knowledge, peer support and services for people with or at risk of mental health conditions in Kenya.

As part of this programme, we:

  • Improved access to treatment, including screening and training of trainers.
  • Raised awareness about mental health, including theatre and arts productions, and creating ‘safe spaces’ for drop-in guidance and support.
  • Created peer support services for students and staff.
  • Ran anti-stigma and awareness raising events, such as during freshers’ week and World Mental Health day.
  • Used technology to reach a large student population and run student-led activities such as social media campaigns.

This programme was in collaboration with Fundació Nous Cims (open link in new tab).


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