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In times of crisis, your love shines through

Posted on: Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022

CBM UK’s Rapid Response Fund enables us to act quickly to support the most vulnerable at times of disaster. Every hour can make a difference to the most vulnerable people living through some of the worst of situations. We need to be ready.

Recent years have seen an increase in the frequency and severity of humanitarian crises like floods, hurricanes and droughts due to climate change. People with disabilities are already among the poorest in their communities, and at times of crisis, they are often the most affected and the last to receive help. They may miss out on warnings or information because they can’t see, hear or understand them. They may be unable to escape quickly from danger. And vital emergency aid like shelters or food distribution may be too far away, or difficult to access.

When natural disasters occur, our Emergency Response specialists immediately work with our Country team and partners in the affected area to assess the situation, decide what support is needed and mobilise aid in the most hard to reach communities. 

Thanks to the generous response of our supporters to our emergency appeals over the past 12 months, our team and partners were able to deliver vital support to protect vulnerable families most at risk at times of crisis. Click this link to donate to our Rapid Response Fund (open link in new tab) today which truly will save lives tomorrow.

Could you make a donation today, that can offer vital and urgent support to people living through the worst of times? Find out more about our Rapid Response Fund (open link in new tab).  

Your support is changing lives in Madagascar

Thanks to your support, we’ve been reaching some of the most at-risk families in Southern Madagascar – a country which has seen recurring droughts since November 2020. Over a million people are at risk of starvation. And just this month cyclones have hit, causing death and widespread damage.

“The situation is getting worse, and we urgently need to do more. People with disabilities are already pushed to the edge, but this food crisis has seen things go from bad to worse. Big agency food distributions can leave people with disabilities forgotten.” – Satry Ramaroson, CBM Madagascar

Find out more the climate crisis in Madagascar and how CBM is responding (open link in new tab).

Read Mosa’s story (open link in new tab).

 Mosa sat at a desk smiling outside with a large group of people behind him.

Read Haova’s story (open link in new tab).

Haova sitting on her bed smiling.

Images: 1st – A family stood outside their home, in southern Madagascar. 2nd – Mosa sat at a desk smiling, outside in his village in Madagascar. 3rd – Haova sat inside her home, smiling. ©CBM/VivianeRakotoarivony