Mosa sat at a table, smiling, with his walking stick next to him.

Mosa, 45, has a learning disability and a physical disability. He and his mother support themselves by farming but the drought had a devastating impact on their crops. They now live in a tiny wooden shelter, as they had to sell their house to buy food. Mosa explains:

“Because of the drought, we go to the town of Amboasary from time to time to get food. We leave early in the morning and arrive at nightfall because I can’t walk fast. We had a nice house in the past but we had to sell it to buy food.”

Thanks to your support, Mosa and his mother have been able to buy food and cooking pots. His mother says:

“We thank CBM because we suffered a lot before, we received money that allowed us to buy pots and also some food to eat.”

Find out more about the food crisis in Madagascar and CBM’s inclusive response.


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