Benita smiling after surgery for cataracts.

Stories of our work

At the centre of what we do are the people who benefit from our programmes - men, women, boys and girls living with disabilities in the poorest places of the world. On these pages, you can meet some of the people we've helped, read about the challenges they have faced and discover how their lives have changed thanks to CBM supporters.

  • Chandrakala, wearing a pink shirt and holding money, stands in front of some goods and smiles at the camera


    “I want to prove that a person with a disability can also build a business and become independent.”

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  • Surbir is wearing a yellow coat and is standing in front of some shelves


    “My main aim for the future is to use the income from this business to educate my daughters. I want to see them get good jobs.”

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  • Hadiza is wearing glasses.


    “We dream of Hadiza going to school and building a bright future for herself.” Hadiza’s father.

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  • Dani is sat on a hospital bed at nkhoma hospital in Malawi, wearing an eye patch.


    “The past year has been a challenge because of my eye problems.”

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  • Mafunasi is standing outside her home surrounded by people in her community, happy she is home after cataract surgery.


    “Even coming out of the house was like a long journey.”

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  • Dorothy is wearing an eye patch following cataract surgery.


    “I used to have a feeling that if my problem got worse, I’d have to completely depend on my children. That fear was always there.”

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  • Amina with one of her grandchildren


    “I can now afford to support my children’s hospital bills and I am more involved in taking decisions in my household.”

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  • Mary smiling


    “I can now work for my grandchildren… I couldn’t see them. Now, I can see them and help them.”

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  • Sudip smiling with a patch over one of his eyes


    “I like to go to school But I cannot read the letters on the blackboard… I want to study and become a police officer.”

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  • Video screenshot of Nazmul wearing a face mask.


    “Persons with disabilities are most at risk in this disaster.”

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