Benita smiling after surgery for cataracts.

Stories of our work

At the centre of what we do are the people who benefit from our programmes - men, women, boys and girls living with disabilities in the poorest places of the world. On these pages, you can meet some of the people we've helped, read about the challenges they have faced and discover how their lives have changed thanks to CBM supporters.

  • Regina standing in her school playground and smiling


    “Before surgery Regina could not play with others, but now she can play, she can dance, she can do everything.”

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  • Balika from Zambia has a hole in his heart, cataract in one eye and hearing problems.


    “He finally started to speak. It was so exciting!”

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  • Rajesh was paralyzed from birth and is now is an organic farmer.


    “I have always tried to help with the farming, but my abilities were not recognised in the family, or in the wider community… Now I have respect from them. They see me as a person, a successful person.”

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  • Milly smiling wearing glasses


    “Glory be to God, I can see!”

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  • Dorotea from Tanzania sits on a bed after surgery for Fistula. CCBRT.


    “I felt [urine] run down my leg. It happened all the time and I couldn’t stop it. I would sit and not move around…

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  • Hari was supported through an emergency mental health project that CBM conducted after the earthquakes in Nepal.


    “I now know that there are many other people who are mentally affected due to the impact of the earthquake. I am also able to speak in social gatherings, allowing me to share my feelings.”

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  • Mariam, smiling, after treatment for obstetric fistula in Tanzania


    “When I go back to the village, I will tell the other women: If you have the same problem, don’t hide. There are doctors who helped me, too, and changed my life!”

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  • Rajendra who has polio slept outside his house for several days after the earthquake in Nepal afraid of more tremors.


    “I somehow managed to crawl out of the house when I saw there was no one around… everyone had left for a safe, open place but me. I was the only one left behind.”

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  • Follow 8-year-old Whitney's journey from blindness to sight


    8 year-old Whitney lives in a village in Uganda with her mother and 2 younger siblings. For years, she was blind with no hope of sight…

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  • Vaileth & Susana both have cataracts and were treated by CBM's partner in Tanzania

    Vaileth and Susana

    “Now they can see better, I hope the girls can go to school to get an education so they can live a better life. Thank you so much.”

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