Benita smiling after surgery for cataracts.

Stories of our work

At the centre of what we do are the people who benefit from our programmes - men, women, boys and girls living with disabilities in the poorest places of the world. On these pages, you can meet some of the people we've helped, read about the challenges they have faced and discover how their lives have changed thanks to CBM supporters.

  • Salome smiling with a patch over one eye


    “I was living in darkness, but now there is light again in my life.”

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  • Emmanuel has bow legs and is standing holding against a door frame.


    “I want my legs to be healed. In the future, I want to be a doctor,”

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  • Sesan is sat on a hospital bed holding a ball.


    “When I grow up, I want to work with a car!”

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  • Paul smiling wearing an eye patch.


    “The darkness is gone. The mist is all gone and I now don’t have to worry about bumping into things…”

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  • Haova sat inside her home, smiling.


    Thanks to CBM supporters, Haova can now feed her children – and also earn a living to support them into the future.

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  • Mosa sat at a table, smiling, with his walking stick next to him.


    “We had a nice house in the past but we had to sell it to buy food.”

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  • Kazmol sat in a chair next to a desk. Her wheelchair is placed to the side.

    Kazol Rekha

    My life was good before the accident, like everybody else. I was in school and I got married. But after my accident my husband left me. Community attitudes also changed.

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  • Bimala sitting in her garden smiling


    “I tell everyone who I think is suffering in silence to come forward and seek support and treatment”

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  • Kamal in makeshift tent at Cox's Bazaar refugee camp in Bangladesh


    “I will never forget the smell of the fires, the screams, these horrible screams. I see these sequences again and again…”

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  • Mphatso


    “If you are in a group they teach you not just to sit at home, they teach you how to cope with treatment and do work”

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