Amina with one of her grandchildren

“I can now afford to support my children’s hospital bills and I am more involved in taking decisions in my household.”

“I am a grandmother with six children and I have never regretted joining the VSLA that was formed in Bwari Area Council.
Before joining the VSLA (Village Savings and Loans Association), I use to trade in foodstuffs like maggi, salt, Palm oil and so on, now that I am part of the VSLA, I give thanks to God because I was able to get my first loan from the association after saving in the association as a member. 

I took my first loan of seven thousand naira, it really helped my business grow because I was able to expand. I now buy in bulk and sell on more items like spaghetti, rice, and palm oil.
I give moral support to my household and I am more involved in taking decisions when it comes to what to buy in the house. From what I sell, we take the profit to support the family. I have seen how benefiting it is to take loan from the VSLA as my business grows, I pay back the previous loan collected by me and I request for a new one.
Joining the VSLA is an experience worth sharing with friends, I thank God for my life today because the changes that have occurred in my life since joining the VSLA are very clear. I now sell a variety of foodstuffs as the loan taking boost my business, from a seven-thousand-naira loan I have now grown to taking loans of up to fifteen thousand naira. This is my fourth time I have taken loan in my association.
I can now afford to support my children’s hospital bills and I am more involved in taking decisions in my household. Some of my friends now are interested in joining the VSLA too. As my business grows, I save more money.”

Women and girls with disabilities in Nigeria are at least twice as likely as other women and girls to experience rape, sexual abuse and intimate partner violence; Disability Rights Advocacy Centre’s 2017 study suggests that the more severe the impairments, the higher the risk of abuse. Economic dependency, lack of access to education, negative community attitudes and lack of support in society are all factors that contribute to this higher risk.
CBM UK’s 3-year Break the Cycle project in partnership with Disability Rights Advocacy Centre (DRAC), aims to reduce violence against women and girls with disabilities in Nigeria by helping them to become more economically independent through VSLAs, training and mentoring. The project also aims to build confidence and leadership skills.

Read more about CBM UK’s Break the Cycle project here (open link in new tab).


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