Bimala sitting in her garden smiling

In April 2015, a series of earthquakes hit Nepal, killing more than 8,800 people and destroying over 600,000 homes.

CBM’s emergency response team worked with local partners in Nepal to provide humanitarian assistance to people with disabilities, including providing medical treatment, food packs, emergency shelter and psychosocial support. This was particularly important because the first earthquake was followed by a number of large and smaller quakes, exacerbating the severe anxiety and mental distress of those in the earthquake zone.

Bimala was amongst those affected. She lost her son, who was crushed under the falling roof and walls of their family home. “I was dejected after my son’s death. I used to wander around and did not have the will to carry on.”

Bimala received psychosocial support from CBM’s emergency response partner, for post-traumatic stress, which helped her to come to terms with her loss. “There has been a positive change in me and I now make it a point to make efforts to stay happy… I felt a change after four months of psychiatric counselling and slowly accepted my loss and took it upon myself to encourage others in the village.”

Bimala looks forward to her interactions with the community and has rediscovered her interest in farming through the livelihood trainings provided as part of a comprehensive response for social reintegration into society. “I want to become a farmer and grow vegetables to earn.”

Bimala encourages others to also seek help from CBM’s partner in Nepal.

“I tell everyone who I think is suffering in silence to come forward and seek support and treatment.”


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