Hari was supported through an emergency mental health project that CBM conducted after the earthquakes in Nepal.
Country: Nepal
Category: Improving health

Hari was harvesting potatoes when the devastating earthquake struck on 25th April 2015. He rushed back to find his house razed to the ground with his parents buried under the debris. His parents were rescued but Hari started displaying symptoms of Post-traumatic stress disorder.

“I kept hearing my son’s voice as if he is calling for help,” recalls Hari. As well as experiencing hallucinations, his behaviour became irrational, Convinced he was going to lose his piece of land he would hide his ownership papers. He took to drinking alcohol and roamed aimlessly without sharing any whereabouts to his family living in a temporary shelter. His wife, teenaged son and daughter watched helplessly as he kept living a nightmare.

Hari was referred to a CBM-supported emergency mental health project. After monthly session with a psychiatrist, subsidised medication and regular home visits from a counsellor he began to recover from the trauma and is working on a construction site. This support has also helped Hari realise that he is not alone and has nothing to be ashamed of:

“I now know that there are many other people who are mentally affected due to the impact of the earthquake. I am also able to speak in social gatherings, allowing me to share my feelings.”


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