Mary smiling

“I can now work for my grandchildren… I couldn’t see them. Now, I can see them and help them.”

Since their parents died, Mary has worked hard taking in laundry so that her grandson and granddaughter can stay in school. But since cataracts robbed her of sight, she’s no longer able to work and is desperately worried about their future. But thanks to CBM’s supporters, this all changed for Mary, when she was identified by a CBM community worker.

Mary has become completely reliant on her sister-in-law, Spiwe, because of cataracts clouding her vision, “It’s overwhelming to think that she’s the one who helps me, she’s the one who knows how my day is, she’s the one who knows if I’ve bathed or not. It really touches my heart.”

But, thanks to CBM’s supporters, Mary’s had cataract surgery at CBM’s partner eye hospital in Zimbabwe. After Mary’s bandages were removed, it took a few seconds for her eye to adjust. But then she cried out with joy:

“I am thankful to God as I am now able to see, thanks to the Norton Eye unit. I am celebrating because I can now work for my grandchildren… I couldn’t see them. Now, I can see them and help them.”

“I can’t think of anything else but being grateful for the gift of life. I was relieved and happy being able to see my way home. My life has already changed.”

Mary getting her eye patch removed and smiling

Mary didn’t think she’d see her home again, after living in darkness for so long. I am very happy to see my house. I was happy to see the turning to my neighbourhood and the little road to my house… I felt relieved.”

Mary and her grandson, Constantine, are delighted to see each other too.

Mary and her grandson Constantine smiling

“Last time I saw her she was blind and now, she’s regained her eyesight!” says Constantine. “I’ve been living with my grandmother and each school term, I see her struggle to raise my fees… When she lost her eyesight, life became harder for my brother and me.”

“I am happy, very happy!” says Mary. Now, she’ll be able to work again and support her grandchildren to go to school.

Watch the moment Mary’s are removed and she can see again (open link in new tab).


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