Video screenshot of Nazmul wearing a face mask.
Country: Bangladesh
Category: Emergency response

“Persons with disabilities are most at risk in this disaster.”

Nazmul and his family live in a flood prone area in Bangladesh. Unable to continue their business during Covid-19 lockdown, resulting in no income, they cannot prepare and protect their homes against such disasters. Nazmul is General Secretary of Dakhin Creeper self-help group for people with disabilities. He highlights the many dangers facing people with disabilities due the coronavirus outbreak.

“I am MD, Nazmul Huda. I am the Executive Member of the Sreppur Apex Body and General Secrety of the Dakhin Sreppur Self-help Group of persons with disabilities. We are always at risk compared to other people. Coronvirus is currently a global disaster.

Persons with disabilities are most at risk in this disaster, because we have no personal protection. Then we have economic problems.

We are in a lot of trouble because of the financial inabilities. I am also doing small business.

Gaibandha has become completely locked down since April 10 due to the ongoing transmission of coronavirus. That’s why my business is currently closed. Because of that our income has decreased.  My father is a farmer and he manages our family doing agricultural work – he also has no income.

Before Coronvirus, we ate fish, meat and eggs every week. But now we are not able to eat those foods due to the economic constraints. We are currently at health risk. Moreover, Sreepur Union is a flood prone area in Sundarganj Upazila of Gaibandha District – so we fight with this disaster every year.

We need to take some preparations in groups before dealing with disasters. But now we have no income due to the crisis created by Coronavirus. I am mentally worried about how we will deal with the upcoming flood.”

Nazmul’s story is one of eight short video diaries, made by women and men from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal and Zimbabwe as part of CBM UK’s Coronavirus: My Story campaign (open link in new tab). These stories provide a snapshot of the challenges being faced by people with disabilities during the pandemic and the ways in which the Disability Movement, for example self-help groups and organisations of persons with disabilities, is playing an essential role in responding to the crisis.


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