Salome is swearing an eye bandage and smiling.

I was living in darkness, but now there is light again in my life.”

For 2 years, Salomé had been blind due to cataracts, which had robbed her of vision, leaving her isolated, struggling to care for her grandchildren and unable to read her precious bible. But thanks to the generosity of CBM’s supporters, Salomé’s life has been transformed by the precious gift of sight.

Salomé lives in rural Rwanda with her daughter, Eudosie, and her three grandchildren. She longs to be able to do more to help her daughter, who works all day to feed the family. But it’s hard to care for her grandchildren as she can’t see.

“I can’t even see light so I can’t even make a fire to cook.” She hopes that after cataract surgery, their lives will be easier.

Time and again Salomé had tried to get treatment, but was unable to make the long journey to the nearest hospital. It was too far and difficult to walk and the cost of a bus fare was more than she and her daughter could afford. But thanks to CBM’s supporters, Salomé was referred for cataract surgery.

“I was living in darkness but now there is light again in my life. When I wake up every morning I am able to see the sunshine and feel happy. My life is now full of lots of joy that I can’t express with words!”, says Salomé.

“For me, life is different. The burden has been reduced. I now have hope for the future.”, says Eudosie.

Salome smiling and holding a sign saying 'mwarakoze cyane' (thank you very much)

“I want to thank the people who supported me. May God bless you, support you, and always God be on your side as you did it for me. May God give you eternal life! I don’t really have the appropriate words to express my gratitude to you, God bless you!”, says Salomé.


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