Where we work

As part of the CBM Global Federation, CBM UK supports work in over 18 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

You can read more below about some of the countries where CBM UK has a particular focus.


  • People in southern Madagascar, standing on a sandy road with plastic water containers on the ground in front of them


    CBM has been working in Madagascar for 40 years, alongside local partners and Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs).

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  • Lady standing outside tents in Bangladesh


    With a population of over 168 million, low-lying Bangladesh is one of the most densely-populated and flood prone countries in the world. In recent years, Bangladesh has made significant progress in improving…

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  • Twizerimana (18 years, male) is smiling and walking with other patients at the Gahini hospital, in Rwanda, after receiving surgery on his right knee.


    Rwanda is a small landlocked country in east-central Africa that is striving to rebuild its economy after the ethnic strife of the mid-1990s. Tea and coffee are among its main exports.

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  • Dr. Andrew Mohanraj talking to Kandi about mental health support for her son Abdul Rani outside her house.


    Indonesia is a diverse country of more than 300 ethnic groups, with the world’s largest Muslim population and the biggest economy in Southeast Asia. Poverty rates in the country of 257 million people have…

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  • Ada Sule has polio and is now making her living as a hairdresser.


    Nigeria is an oil rich nation, home to Africa’s largest population of over 182 million people. However, high levels of poverty and joblessness persist. Development challenges include…

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  • Augustine who has cataracts walks to the nearby Victoria Nile River to fetch water.


    Uganda’s relative stability, after years of civil war and repression, is bringing improved economic prosperity. However, huge challenges remain for this East African country…

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  • Henry working at his clothes making stall.


    Zimbabwe’s potential for prosperity has been hampered by a series of political, health and environmental crises. Once one of Southern Africa’s most productive countries…

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  • Ntato is the Chairlady of The Retuna E Mpadas Women's Group, based in Kenya. They are a community development group to empower people to survive poverty.


    Kenya is the economic, transport and communication hub of East Africa. It’s largely an agricultural country with one of the fastest growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kenya has reduced child mortality…

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  • Bixon who has severely neglected clubfoot sits outside his house with his family


    Malawi is a predominately agricultural country in Southern Africa trying to deal with the impact of a rapidly growing population and HIV/AIDS epidemic which has left one million children orphaned by the disease

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  • 3 people walking to relief camp following Nepal earthquake.


    Located in the Himalayas with a population of over 28.5 million people, Nepal is working to recover from a series of recent disasters that have hit the country. Heavy flooding in 2017…

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