After-School Club Coordinator leads 'Cheering Up', an inclusive exercise that gets the children playing with each other.
  • 1bn Population [1]
  • 22% People living in poverty [2]
  • 190m People with disability [3]

With a population of over a billion people, India is home to 17% of the world’s population. The divide between rich and poor is huge and over a quarter of people live in poverty. 80% of people with a disability live in poverty.

People with disability in India are often excluded from their communities and society. This social isolation means that people with disabilities struggle to access even the most basic services like healthcare and education.

Our work in India is focused on improving livelihoods, community health initiatives, providing education for all and treating and preventing blindness.

  • [1] (UN)
  • [2] (World Bank)
  • [3] Disability statistic is based on WHO estimate of 15% of the world’s population live with some form of disability.

In action

Building livelihoods through organic farming

Many people with disabilities and their families in India struggle to earn a living. This life-changing programme…

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Supporting families and schools to keep children in education

In India, only 1% of children with disabilities have access to school. Our ground-breaking programme in Chamrajnagar…

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Transforming lives

Sits at the BPA rehabilitation centre where she receives treatment for visual impairment and fits caused by a severe contusion that she was born with.


“She smiled and clapped when she got the questions right and it was a great breakthrough. Now she is learning how to make juice and soon she will learn more difficult things.”

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Rajesh was paralyzed from birth and is now is an organic farmer.


“I have always tried to help with the farming, but my abilities were not recognised in the family, or in the wider community… Now I have respect from them. They see me as a person, a successful person.”

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Shilpa being pushed in her wheelchair into the inclusive school.


“When Shilpa first started coming she would sit alone and wouldn’t mingle with the other children. I would get her to sit with other kids…

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Gajanan (26) hails from Devgaon village of Amravathi district, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. He was affected by polio at the age of nine. Gajanan survived the reality of discrimination and completed his schooling and also completed his Diploma in Education. Today, he works with CBM partner 'The Leprosy Mission (TLM)' in Kothara, on a community project called 'Inclusive Holistic development of Individuals with Disability (IHDID)'. He facilitates formation of self-help groups, helps people with disabilities get their monthly pension, and also gives training on organic farming to villagers.
22nd Feb 2017

CBM organic farming programme shortlisted for livelihoods award

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two people sitting beside a cow as part of CBM's organic farming programme for people with disabilities in india.
3rd Mar 2015

The cost of twiglets

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