Ada Sule has polio and is now making her living as a hairdresser.
  • 179m Population [1]
  • 46% People living in poverty [2]
  • 27m People with disability [3]

Nigeria is the most densely inhabited country in Africa with a population growing rapidly. It is estimated that nearly half of people in the country live in poverty.

Nigeria also faces the growing challenges related to ethnic and religious divisions and insecurity hindering economic growth.

People with disabilities in Nigeria are often excluded from society, and struggle to access even the most basic services like healthcare and education. CBM’s work in Nigeria includes eye health, special education, prevention of deafness, community based rehabilitation and mental health.

  • [1] (UN)
  • [2] (World Bank)
  • [3] Disability statistic is based on WHO estimate of 15% of the world’s population live with some form of disability.

In action

Changing lives through livelihoods

When people with disabilities can build secure livelihoods, they can escape poverty, support their families and also…

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Restoring hope and dignity to women with obstetric fistula

Many women in Nigeria live with obstetric fistula for decades, often rejected by their husbands and communities and…

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Women and son hugging.

Treating blinding diseases

Blinding diseases like trachoma and river blindness flourish in conditions of poverty, causing pain and blindness…

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Transforming lives

Eje sits at a computer that is in the shop that he owns thanks to ELIM in Nigeria.


“I never mind what people say about me anymore provided I get to where I want, because of the encouragement I received from Elim staff, who always go beyond people’s expectations.”

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Trudie Goodwin
2nd Sep 2016

CBM champion Trudie Goodwin talks about hearing loss and CBM in Woman magazine

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rene Ojiugo at conference
11th May 2017

Irene Ojiugo: improving the lives of women with disabilities affected by violence [21 Stories]

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