Sierra Leone

Foday having a post check up by John Buchan following cataract surgery.
  • 968,000 People with disability [1]
  • 40,000 People who are blind [2]
  • 53% People live in poverty [3]

Sierra Leone in West Africa is continuing efforts to recover from a brutal civil war and the major trauma of the Ebola 2014 epidemic. The 11-year conflict ended in 2002, with democracy gradually being re-established in the country of 6.4 million people.

Economic growth has resumed with new investments in agriculture, fisheries and mining sectors. In spite of progress and reforms, widespread poverty persists in rural and urban areas and millions of people lack access to basic services.

CBM has been working with partners in Sierra Leone since 1974, focussing on preventing blindness and visual impairment and improving access to mental health services.

  • [1] 15% of population - WHO estimate that 15% of the world’s population live with some form of disability.
  • [2] IAPB, Vision Atlas.
  • [3] World Bank.


Mental health nurse Sahr Mortatay Momoh (left) visits a patient at home.
6th Feb 2018

CBM-trained mental health nurses praised

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Mental Health patient standing behind bars.
8th Oct 2015

World Mental Health Day 2015: Addressing mental health in the poorest communities of the world

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