Three unidentified women having their sight tested at a CCBRT run outreach clinic in Lugoba in the Tanga Region of Tanzania.
  • 8m People with disability [1]
  • 136,500 People who are blind [2]
  • 28% People live in poverty [3]

Tanzania, home to over 53 million people, is the largest country in East Africa. Its economy has achieved high growth rates in the past decade through agricultural exports, tourism, vast natural resources, and domestic stability. However, this hasn’t yet brought economic prosperity for many Tanzanians, with income per person remaining amongst the lowest in the world. The country ranks low on the UN Human Development Index, a measure of population well-being.

CBM has been working with partners in Tanzania since the 1980s, preventing blindness, improving health and helping people with disabilities go to school, earn a living, access health care/rehabilitation and secure respect in their communities.

  • [1] 15% of population - WHO estimate that 15% of the world’s population live with some form of disability.
  • [2] IAPB, Vision Atlas.
  • [3] World Bank.

In action

Dr Heiko Philippin carrying out Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) on a patient.

Glaucoma treatment trial

A pioneering treatment trial in Tanzania could significantly improve the treatment of glaucoma across Sub-Saharan Africa

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Transforming lives

Dorotea from Tanzania sits on a bed after surgery for Fistula. CCBRT.


“I felt [urine] run down my leg. It happened all the time and I couldn’t stop it. I would sit and not move around…

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Edward wearing an eye bandage after his cataract surgery at CBM partner in Tanzania.


“I wish very much to be able to see again. Then I can go back to school – and the teacher will not tell me off anymore…”

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Mariam, smiling, after treatment for obstetric fistula in Tanzania


“When I go back to the village, I will tell the other women: If you have the same problem, don’t hide. There are doctors who helped me, too, and changed my life!”

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Omari and his father, Amiri can't stop smiling as a doctor comes and removes the bandages after cataract surgery.


“I can see much better Daddy, the clouds are gone. I look forward to going back to school”.

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Vaileth & Susana both have cataracts and were treated by CBM's partner in Tanzania

Vaileth and Susana

“Now they can see better, I hope the girls can go to school to get an education so they can live a better life. Thank you so much.”

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Dr Heiko Philippin carrying out laser treatment on a patient at KCMC hospital in Tanzania
14th Oct 2021

Study shows laser treatment could significantly improve treatment for glaucoma in Africa

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12th Apr 2020

Bibi’s story: new hope and joy

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