Augustine who has cataracts walks to the nearby Victoria Nile River to fetch water.
  • 5.8m People with disability [1]
  • 98,000 People who are blind [2]
  • 20% People live in poverty [3]

Uganda’s relative stability, after years of civil war and repression, is bringing improved economic prosperity. However, huge challenges remain for this East African country with its fast-growing population now standing at 39 million. It is ranked 163rd out of 188 countries for life expectancy, education and income in the latest UN Human Development Index.

Quality healthcare is difficult to access in Uganda, particularly for people with disabilities and for those in rural areas where many of the poorest people live.

CBM has been working with our partners in Uganda for decades, working across the country to prevent avoidable blindness, improve health and help people with disabilities go to school, earn a living, access health care/rehabilitation and secure respect in their communities.

  • [1] 15% of population - WHO estimate that 15% of the world’s population live with some form of disability.
  • [2] IAPB, Vision Atlas. 
  • [3] World Bank.

Transforming lives

Augustine loves listening to the radio.


“He can see now and can go to school. I’m so happy! And I would never have had the money for the eye surgery. So, please continue your work and help other children in need, too. God bless you!”

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“The way to school was so long and hard for him, and he would come back home in pain. So I thought maybe it’s best to stop school…

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Joan at CoRSU in Uganda before surgery for Cleft lip and palate.


“I am so proud of her. I couldn’t believe that her lip could be repaired…now she will gain weight.”

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Joyce having her eyes checked after her Trachoma operation in Uganda.


“I expect good things in the future; I hope to be able to do a bit more work at home and move around more easily…”

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Regina standing in her school playground and smiling


“Before surgery Regina could not play with others, but now she can play, she can dance, she can do everything.”

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Children at CoRSU walking along in a line, playing musical instruments.
16th Feb 2022

Music to our ears! Supporting children with disabilities to develop key life skills

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25th Mar 2022

OPD Conversations: Sustaining a Disability Movement

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