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A woman in a dress and neck tie with a head wrap poses proudly with her hands on hips. A group of people sit in the background.


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A little girl in school uniform smiles. She has a bubble bottle in her hands.
Tinotenda is a bright and spirited girl living with her family, and dreams of being an artist to share her vision with the world. But among the happiness and excitement of her life, she faces challenges with her vision.
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Ngayaberua wearing a grey coat and a hat, rests his hands on his staff and looks into the camera.
In a small village in Rwanda, Ngayaberua’s world turned dark when he lost his sight due to cataracts. He sat alone in his hut, unable to recognise the faces of loved ones around him. But thanks to our incredible supporters, Ngayaberua’s eyesight has been saved.
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Intesham is holding a red balloon with a CBM logo on it. He has a patch on his right eye following cataract surgery.
At seven-years-old, Intesham had his eyes screened at school as part of CBM’s sight saving project in Nepal. It turned out that he had developed cataracts years before and was on the brink of losing his sight for good. Thanks to our incredible supporters, Intesham was able to have life-changing surgery that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.
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Hadiza looks into the camera, she is wearing a pair of purple glasses.
Living in extreme poverty in Nigeria, Hadiza’s parents dreamt of their daughter getting an education and having a bright future. However, after learning of their daughter’s sight issues, their hearts were filled with sadness. Thanks to our supporters, we were able to change this narrative and help Hadiza get the surgery she needed to save her sight.
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Dorothy smiles and holds her hands in the air.
Three years ago, Dorothy lost her vision, making her life in Malawi even more challenging. She deeply missed watching her grandchildren grow, and she became heavily dependent on her children. However, thanks to our cataract camps, Dorothy was able to regain her eyesight and see her family again.
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Dani smiles at the camera and holds a spade over his shoulder.
In Malawi, Dani was faced with the heartbreaking reality of losing his eyesight, forcing him to give up his life’s work as a farmer. Stripped of his only source of income, Dani’s hopes for the future began to fade. However, thanks to our supporters, Dani received sight-saving surgery so he can continue farming.
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Chandrakala in her beauty parlour. She has some banknotes in her hands.
Chandrakala, 32, had always wanted to be a beautician, but because of her disability she couldn’t get the training she needed. Through our Futuremakers project, we supported Chandrakala in achieving her dream.
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Cecilia holds Risper up. They are stood in front of a wall.
Cecilia and Risper
Every day, while Kenya was gripped by severe drought, Cecilia faced the harsh reality of trying to provide for her family whilst her youngest daughter, Risper, who is deaf-blind, was left home alone. However, thanks to our incredible supporters, Cecilia found crucial support and resources in a local group for people with disabilities to help her care for her daughter.
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Surbir is wearing a yellow coat and is standing in front of some shelves
Surbir, 33, dreamed of providing for his family so they could break free from poverty in Nepal, but his disability held him back. Through our Futuremakers project, we helped Surbir start his business and give his children a better start.
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