• Mental Health patient standing behind bars.

    World Mental Health Day 2015: Addressing mental health in the poorest communities of the world

    Thursday, 8th October, 2015 | Heather Pearson
    October 10th is World Mental Health Day. This year we address a key issue facing people living with psychosocial disabilities (disabilities caused by mental illness): dignity. The theme chosen for October 10, 2015 is “Dignity in mental health&#...
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  • Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

    The Global Goals could change the world for millions of people with disabilities

    Wednesday, 23rd September, 2015 | Hannah Loryman
    This week in New York, the Sustainable Development Goals will be finalised. This is a historic moment for CBM and other civil society organisations as world leaders come together to agree on 17 goals and 169 targets that aim to transform the world we...
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  • Joyce and her daughter sat outside the eye health centre in Uganda, pre-Trachoma Triasis operation, white tape identifies need for surgery, Namutumba distrcit, Busoga region

    Trachoma outreach camps targeting Uganda's poorest communities

    Friday, 11th September, 2015 | CBM UK
    By Andrea Brandt von Lindau, CBM UK’s Trachoma and Eye Health Programme Officer. Trachoma is the world’s leading cause of preventable blindness. 6 million people have lost their sight to Trachoma.  If it is not effectively treated, the eye i...
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  • Fatuma sitting with her support worker at school.

    International Literacy Day: Disability, Education and the SDGs

    Tuesday, 8th September, 2015 | Hannah Loryman
    The ability to read and write is hugely powerful. Women who can read have fewer children later in life, and the children they do have are much more likely to survive. Being literate helps people to find jobs, access information and make decisions abo...
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  • Anne Wafula Strike.

    It could have been me: Anne Wafula Strike responds to BBC3 documentary "Worst Place to be Disabled?"

    Wednesday, 26th August, 2015 | CBM UK
    CBM Ambassador Anne Wafula Strike gives a personal response to Worst Place to be Disabled?, a documentary about disability in Ghana shown as part of BBC3’s recent Defying the Label season. I sat with my son, overwhelmed with tears, as I watched...
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  • Kirsty Smith sitting on a woven matt talking to women affected by Nepal earthquake.

    We need to build back a better Nepal with disabled people

    Friday, 31st July, 2015 | Kirsty Smith
    Nepal is not Haiti. The scale of the earthquake is of course very different. Around 8,800 people were killed in the first quake of 25 April, and a further hundred in the second quake in May. In Haiti the numbers reached 200,000 including many senior ...
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  • Laura, CBM Programme Manager for East Africa showing Vaileth photos on the camera.

    A brighter future

    Monday, 27th July, 2015 | Laura Gore
    Late last year,  I had the opportunity to meet Valieth and Susana, two young sisters who had been identified through a community screening. They both had congenital cataracts. We arrived at their home and were greeted by the girl’s grandmother Fau...
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  • Heiko from CBM supported project in Tanzania examining someone's sight for glaucoma on a community outreach.

    V2020 - The role of tackling Glaucoma in reducing avoidable blindness

    Wednesday, 1st July, 2015 | Heiko Philippin
    Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide, after cataract.  But unlike cataract, the blindness caused by glaucoma is irreversible.  That’s why identifying the condition early and treating it effectively is vital to save sight. I...
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  • Gimija who has cataracts standing outside her mud home

    VISION 2020 – 2,020 days to go!

    Friday, 19th June, 2015 | CBM UK
    By Professor Allen Foster, Professor of International Eye Health, Co-Director of the International Centre for Eye Health for London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and former President of CBM International. The World Health Organisation in 20...
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  • People standing on rubble following Nepal earthquake

    We will Rise Again - Nepal Earthquake

    Thursday, 18th June, 2015 | Kirsty Smith
    On 4th June I travelled to Nepal to join CBM’s team of local staff and emergency response specialists, who have been working since the devastating earthquake on April 25th to ensure that people with disabilities and injuries receive the help th...
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