A woman who has a child with disability hugs two children whilst working at her shop.

Changing lives through livelihoods

CBM has been helping disabled people in Nigeria to earn a living by providing education, training and support to set up their own businesses.  When people with disabilities can build secure livelihoods, they can escape poverty, support their families and also challenge prejudice and stigma among the wider community.

With our partner, Elim Christian Vocational Training Centre in Igede, we:

  • provided training in vocational skills, ranging from shoe and dress-making to IT;
  • supported people with disabilities to set up small businesses, including through small loans of money or equipment;
  • helped children with disabilities to access good quality education;
  • provided crutches or wheelchairs, so that disabled people can be as mobile as possible.

This life-changing programme helped people with disabilities to access medical treatment, such as eye surgery, orthopaedic surgery or physiotherapy, and to challenge prejudice and negative stereotypes.


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